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Welcome to The Humanitarian Cloud

The Humanitarian Cloud™ (THC) allows Non-Profit organizations to share hardware, applications, services and IT support using the power of Cloud Computing. This provides between 30%-50% cost-savings for capital expenditures, hardware, software and IT support while expanding data integration and infrastructure services. Using THC would also give your non-profit, the ability to securely access cloud applications from a variety of devices—desktops, laptops, mobile devices.

If you are interested in participating in the 6 month pilot, DR or mobility projects, click here to contact us for more information.

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THC & NetHope

The Humanitarian Cloud and NetHope are proud partners, working together to provide a pathway connecting the global village. NetHope members can access your Humanitarian Cloud portal here.


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Online Apps & Computing

The Humanitarian Cloud will offer Community Cloud Computing Power including IaaS, On-Demand Software as a Service (SaaS), and respond to the membership’s needs with current technologies from partners including PaaS and applicable hybrid technologies

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Volunteers & Experts

Search our growing list of resources to find experts, volunteers and consultants to help your non-profit reach its potential.


Our Partners

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